Hidden Caffeine Gem: Flat Caps Coffee

Flat Caps Coffee is one of my favourite coffee nooks in Newcastle. Hidden under the holistic shop Elula on Ridley Place, this local student haunt is a great for getting away from all the busy shoppers along Northumberland Street.

Head down the spiraling, sparkling stairs that are on your right as you enter Elula and you will find a surprisingly light and spacious coffee house filled with the aroma of candles and incense from Elula that mingles nicely with the smell of coffee. It is also home to one of the best coffees I have ever had.

Experts in coffee, Joe (the owner) and his well trained staff know exactly what they are talking about. Not only do they have a range of coffees to take your pick of, with two guest coffees on their brew board at any one time, they also have three different brewing methods to try: the normal Filter, which creates a smooth refreshing coffee, Aeropress a relatively new brewing method by putting your coffee using pressure that produces a stronger coffee, and Syphon, an unusual method that creates a song, very clean bright coffee. As well as coffee they also have over 15 varieties of tea to choose from.

With all these options and methods to think over, I recommend asking Joe and his fellow baristas about which coffee and brewing option would be best to you. Tip: as a default, Flat Caps serve their coffee cooler than most people would expect. This is because of they way they specially craft their gorgeous caffeine miracles, so if you like your coffee boiling hot like me, ask the staff to make yours extra hot.

The only thing this cosy little treasure trove is lacking is more explanation from the staff about the types of coffee and brewing methods. Without knowing what to ask for, or that they can ask for different things in the first place, the customer cannot fully experience the wonderful options of coffee this shop provides.

Other than this, the shop itself is also quite hard to find for the passerby. This is one of the reasons why Joe is wanting to expand his coffee empire by opening another shop, raising funds through donations by coffee lovers. This project has already received an enormous amount of support in such a small space of time, and I personally would not complain if there were two Flat Caps Coffee on Newcastle’s coffee scene! The best part about this project is that for every £1 you give, you receive £2 back to spend on coffee!

Watch the video below or click here to find out more:




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