Meanderings in York

York is one of my favourite places in England – it is a perfect blend of the past and present blended into one in its charming hidden streets, quirky little shops and grand historic sites.

My trip began, as all trips should, with a much needed breakfast. The day started a very wet one, so quickly after arriving I needed something hot and comforting at such an early and cold hour of the morning. Breakfast was served by a very smily and friendly lady at the Little Shambles: Tearoom and Coffee House, in which I  quickly engulfed a homely helping of poached eggs on brown toast and coffee, simple but perfect for an early pick-me-up that hits the spot. Enjoying the last sips of my coffee, I happily watched the shops and stalls of Shambles Market come to life, as people quickly bustled about with fresh bread, cakes, chocolates and meats…

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